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bugis junction tower

commercial office

interior design


conceived from the narrative of a double-height ribbon band that meanders and wraps itself around four hanging timber drums, the design of lobby interior evolved through the understanding of proportions of existing space, disrupting preconceived notions and reimagining the space as a condensed collection of legible components.

photography -

studio periphery

the interior aims to depart from the extensive use of materials that are often associated with corporate office lobbies, exploring only three key materials - limestone, solid timber + timber veneers, as well as metals. the interest comes through exploration of textural variations of materials and manipulating their inherent qualities in representing each components, striking a balance between a pared back fit-out with three-dimensional feature that clad over existing ceiling drop.

design strategies such as optical refinement and visual plays are adopted to extract the best qualities that the space could offer. the result is a space that stays crisp and legible, with functions clearly expressed through timeless forms.

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