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ap orchard


interior design

ff&e styling


photography -

khoo guojie

inspired by the gentle ephemerality of seasonal change, the ap residence is a visual storyboard of the japanese fall season. tasked with the objective of creating an unobstructed space that begets a sense of serenity and spiritual meditation, millihaus crafted its design around a spatial narrative that weaves an evocative visual journey into the abode.

perched atop the 33rd floor of the tower, the 3-bedroom apartment boasts an expansive 2260 sqft floor plan with a panoramic vista of the highly coveted orchard road district.

a new threshold comprised of full-height timber cladded walls and sliding doors is introduced to the home, of which the sliding entrance door is a part. This spans across the entire length of the apartment, creating a continuous and robust timber backdrop that stands in stark contrast to the full-height glass facade on the opposite end; the living and dining space is perceptibly separated from the rest of the apartment, almost as if it blends into the exterior cityscape.

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